Government Security Solutions

Government Security Training
SCIF Design and Accreditation
Facility / Personnel Security
Government Security Training
SCIF Design and Accreditation
Facility / Personnel Security

Some of the FSO services provided are:

  • Review all security paperwork for accuracy and completion and submission via the eQIP system.
  • Provide guidance and instruction to employees to ensure completion of security paperwork.
  • Conduct security briefings during new employee orientation.
  • Establish and maintain a working relationship with DSS in filing necessary clearance paperwork for new employees and periodic reviews for current employees.
  • Maintain a working relationship with each contract’s security office for processing and maintaining employee clearances.
  • Follow up on processed clearances to provide a clearance status to managers for specific contracts.
  • As needed, write security policies and procedures, and prepare written reports of surveys and inspections.
  • Maintain company facility clearance to any level required.
  • Maintain all security documentation and files in accordance with DSS requirements.
  • Prepare the necessary paperwork in support of a DSS investigation or annual visit.
  • Meet with DSS representatives upon request.
  • Maintain FSO Certification

Cleared Company Seeking Advice
Whether your company is a newly-sponsored facility just learning what the National Industrial Security Program Operations Manual (NISPOM), Facility Security Officer (FSO), and Defense Security Service (DSS) are, or your company has been cleared for years and you have grown out of your corporate and/or industrial security procedures, we can help you create and maintain a more robust, compliant, and economical security program. We intimately understand what companies need to do to ensure security compliance and how to ensure that what needs to get done gets done as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Thousands of companies have security clearances however a large number of these companies waste valuable time and money by having inefficient procedures in place. Government Security Solutions LLC helps companies truly understand their security requirements and implement the smartest, most efficient way to manage them. We are expert in the security requirements for the vast majority of Federal agencies and can help you implement proper programs. Let us provide you with a top down assessment and requirements compliance survey of your industrial and corporate security program.

Small Business Executives Entering Cleared Contracts
Many cleared small companies do not understand what is expected of them to maintain NISPOM compliance or cannot do all of the work themselves to maintain personnel clearance processing, education materials and records maintenance. Government Security Solutions LLC can help you get off on the right compliance “foot” and keep you prepared as you go. We understand the rules and requirements placed on the Facility Security Officer, the Facility and its Personnel. We can prepare you for Security Audits and Reviews. We can take the burden of paperwork and documentation off of your FSO staff and Corporate Management.
Pursuing cleared contracts with the Federal Government can provide a tremendous opportunity for companies that offer services the Government needs. However, many companies find themselves quickly overwhelmed by the process involved with maintaining cleared contracts. Don’t worry, because Government Security Solutions LLC  was created to take the administrative burden off of your senior executives.

Facility Operations Managers
We have found that facility operations managers are often quite exceptional at all areas of facility management except one – understanding the facility’s physical security needs. That’s where we come in. We help assess physical security risk. We often help to design and orchestrate the construction of secure space to meet accreditation requirements.
Government Security Solutions LLC knows the processes and procedures required for emergency preparedness and government compliance. Facility managers look to us for advice and guidance on how to properly secure the facility to ensure accreditation. We help them understand what’s needed when building SCIFs, such as:

  • Peripheral Security
  • Construction
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Communications Systems
  • Acoustical Protection
  • Facility Control
  • Process, Procedures, Training and Accreditation
  • Network, systems and IT security engineering installation and migration


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