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Government Security Training
SCIF Design and Accreditation
Facility / Personnel Security
Government Security Training
SCIF Design and Accreditation
Facility / Personnel Security

Facility and Personnel Security Management

Companies do not always know what they need to know about the security clearance process and with the large increase in cleared contracts led by the government in recent years, this can lead to trouble. Government Security Solutions LLC helps clients make the process a lot less mystical.

Government Security Solutions LLC is all about the policies, procedures, and training your company needs to ensure it is certified and accredited by the agency you are required to service. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Policy and Procedures
  • Personnel Clearance Processing
  • New personnel clearance processing and briefs.
  • Terminating Personnel clearance processing and briefs
  • Personnel clearance Investigations, Adjudications, and Reinvestigation
  • Continuous Clearance Education Techniques and methods and Adverse Information Reporting
  • Visitor Access Information Reporting
  • Continuing Security Education

We can coordinate your most simple to your most diverse Physical Security needs. We provide “Turn-Key” Products to allow you to prepare for NISP Accreditation and Survey, Approved Closed Areas, SCIFs, AIS, and more.

We also provide audits for all of your security management needs. The NISP provides a Self Inspection Survey Guide to allow the Facility to prepare itself for the Industrial Security Representative (ISR) to officially audit a facility. We take self-inspection methods and add our insight and experience to pinpoint trouble spots and efficiently reveal issues, which show a company how to be proactive in managing their security program and secure personnel. Our Facility and Personnel Security Audits give you peace of mind to keep you prepared for your next ISR visit.

Some of the other FSO services we provide are:

  • Review all security paperwork for accuracy and completion and submission via the eQIP system.
  • Provide guidance and instruction to employees to ensure completion of security paperwork.
  • Provide status to Human Resources for new employees and conduct a security briefing during their new employee orientation.
  • Establish and maintain a working relationship with DSS in filing necessary clearance paperwork for new employees and periodic reviews for current employees.
  • Maintain a working relationship with each contract’s security office for processing and maintaining employee clearances.
  • Follow up on processed clearances to provide a clearance status to managers for specific contracts.
  • As needed, write security policies and procedures, and prepare written reports of surveys and inspections.
  • Maintain company facility clearance to any level required.
  • Maintain all security documentation and files in accordance with DSS requirements.
  • Prepare the necessary paperwork in support of a DSS investigation or annual visit.
  • Meet with DSS representatives upon request.
  • Provide research and guidance to senior management on a particular agency’s clearance requirements in support of business development opportunities.
  • Maintain FSO Certification, provide JPAS, eQIP and annual training.


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